Metaverse Explained for Beginners. A complete guide to Investing in cryptocurrency, NFT, Blockchain, Digital Assets, web 3 & Future Technologies

作者 Wilson J. Davis

介绍 Are you Ready for The Metaverse?

Imagine running a business and not having a website. You are most likely to become irrelevant. Not having a presence in the Metaverse in years to come will render you just as irrelevant as not having a website today and at least give your competitors an edge over you.

Imagine hopping into work meetings from the comfort of your own home with an experience that’s even better than real life, and that’s because the Metaverse can offer an interface as seamless and straightforward as reality but enhanced.

The Metaverse is the next iteration of the internet. We are in web 2.0 right now. We are starting to phase into web 3, which involves the layering in immersive technologies like Augmented and Virtual reality, blockchain technologies such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

This book explains the different aspects and ways you could invest in this new opportunity, How it will affect our health, and finally, what future technologies we should expect.


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